Meet Kelly Ann…

Kelly Ann McKnight was left a widow at forty-five with four children to raise.  Her journey is one of courage, love, hope and learning.  She shares her story, and the story of her late husband as they navigated through cancer diagnosis, treatment, end of life, and moving forward.  She also shares the experiences of many other people just like you and me… overcoming adversity and finding their way in life. 

Kelly Ann’s book explores a powerful model of resilience that can help change your life.  It covers five elements of resilience that enable you to successfully deal with uncertainty.

By day, Kelly Ann is a personal development consultant, author, and resilience researcher.  For twenty years she has run Stone Ridge Consulting, a firm which provides leadership and management development programs.  She has an M.B.A. and several professional certifications that support her work.  She is also a mother, wife and farmer.