Learning how to

overcome the unexpected

and build an extraordinary life

...on your own terms!

 What is The Resilience Way?

The Resilience Way™, by author Kelly Ann McKnight, is a book about the things we need in our lives so that we can survive the difficult challenges that come along.  This book is born out of personal experience and research.  The Resilience Way contains the stories of many people who have survived the unexpected, and grown in the process.  They are people just like you and I who have survived war, illness, the death of a loved one and many other personal challenges.  Their stories teach us about what it takes to be truly resilient.

The book includes a complimentary self-assessment, so that you can measure your resilience and figure out how to improve.  This book will give you the tools to overcome the unexpected and build an extraordinary life… on your own terms!


About Kelly Ann

Kelly Ann McKnight, was left a widow at forty-five with four children to raise. Her journey is one of courage, love, hope and learning. In The Resilience Way™ she shares her story, and the story of her late husband as they navigated through cancer diagnosis, treatment, end of life, and moving forward.

Kelly Ann also shares the experiences of the people she’s met on her journey–people just like you and me… overcoming adversity and finding their way through life. Learn how these shared experiences can help inspire you to find your own way to resilience.

The Keys to Resilience

The Resilience Way contains five Elements and fifteen Factors, all of which impact our ability to deal with struggles.  The book uses stories and research to explore all of these and help you to make use of them in your life.  You will find that some are already a strength for you, that you already do them well.  You will find that others are areas for improvement in your journey to build resiliency… and the life you truly want. 


Let’s Start a Conversation

The Resilience Way is more than a great book.  It is a conversation about resilience.  Read more about the ways you can improve your own resilience.  Read blog posts and then chat with others about their experience.  Share your own experience…


Discovering Your Keys to Resilience

You can complete a self-assessment and receive your very own complimentary report that will explain where you are today in terms of resilience.  This assessment is core to The Resilience Way™ as it will help you make the changes you need in order to improve.


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